Primary TRUSTEE:

Luci Valentina
(Mila Macleod)

I would like to alleviate the suffering in my homeland, the Ukraine, making full use of my business contacts there as Project Managers, two of whom are mature businessmen with their own international corporations (including one Credit Union), and three young financial advisors, with degrees in Finance, Economics, Communications Engineering, Computer Programming and Food Technology.

A financial background is essential in this corrupt environment and one of these Financial Advisors should become a Primary Trustee as soon as possible. Eventually this would be extended to cover the whole of the Russian-speaking world.

The Ukraine suffers from past Communist neglect, government graft and corruption, nuclear radiation (from the April 1986 Chernobyl explosion) - which affects food crops and water supplies even now, and from general poverty.

ODESSA is the gateway to the Ukraine, a famous port on the Black Sea, established in 1794 by Empress Catherine II. The city’s coat-of-arms was inscribed in Russian, Greek, Italian and German, indicating its international importance. Shipments through the port in 2001 amounted to 10.1 million tons of dry goods and 18.5 million tons of petroleum products, and this is steadily increasing at over 10% annually. It is the main business hub in the country, but gangs of youths roam the city streets at night looking for victims as there are very few jobs, no money and life for them is seemingly pointless.

The Church operates most charitable organisations, so monies must not be supplied directly to either government or the Church, in order that maximum benefits for the people may be realised from this funding. The restoration of its beauty will have an uplifting effect upon the population as a whole, as well as benefiting business and raising the standard of living, which is appallingly low.

PART 1: Projects specific to the UKRAINE
PART 3: CANADIAN Projects overseen by this Trustee

PART 1: Projects specific to the UKRAINE


One of the healthiest activities is exercise - which can be popularly translated into "sports."

Free sports facilities would be an encouragement for all to take part and increase their level of well-being, and those who become particularly adept at a specific sport could be encouraged by professionals and coached to the point where they could take part in international events.

This would also take many of the young people off the streets and occupy their mind with more productive activities.


The Odessa Opera is recognised as the second most famous opera house in Europe, but it is one of the numerous buildings which have fallen into disrepair during the Communist regime. Renovations have begun again after 30 years, but funds have run out and work is at a standstill. Its renovation should restore a little of the past pride that Odessans had in their city.

It is a coincidence that the Project Manager I have in mind for the restoration of the Opera is the son of the architect responsible for its renovation 30 years ago!

Renovations will also be carried out to other structures to improve the appearance of the city in general; parks and gardens areas, seriously affected by air pollution, will be made into real gardens rather than the rubble wastelands that they are today.

Trees will provide extra oxygen to an environment which consists too often of just barren concrete structures, offering no relief. Add to this fresh sea breezes and the city’s attraction to tourists will further enhance the local economy.


The age of current water lines and electrical distribution system is not exactly known, but the water supply is contaminated and electricity is frequently shut down without notice. Improving quality control over the source and distribution of water will contribute to raising the overall level of health. Waste water can be effectively controlled by organic rather than chemical means, reducing the pollution entering into the oceans.

Free energy electrical generators may be installed in apartment blocks as independent sources of electricity, reducing the load on the municipal grid, and the source of electrical power changed to plasma energy or similar pollution-free sources.


The reopening of a highly regarded Montessori School, which I originally operated as the first Montessori school in Odessa, but which was closed in 1998 when I came to Canada, will be much welcomed in the city. I intend to employ the same teaching staff as I had before. Now with increased knowledge of the new Indigo, Crystal and Golden children who are coming into this world, this essential information will be passed on to the teachers there.

This school catered especially to children with learning disabilities, in which I specialised.


The most pressing problem in the Ukraine is the elimination of nuclear contamination which has continued to this day from the 1986 explosion at the Chernobyl #1 nuclear reactor. The problem is compounded by the government’s steadfast refusal to acknowledge that there is a problem at all.

This radiation affects all of Ukraine and Belarus, which lies North of the Ukraine, but does not extend to countries to the West.

The only real solution to the problems caused by Reactor #1 would be through Divine Intervention, and we have now been promised the technology to correct the problem. This will also include the correction of the contaminated soil on a national basis as all food and water is still not free of radiation and leukemia is widespread.

We are left with handling the ill and disabled. My husband was one of the two researchers who established in 1987 the true cause of the disaster and has instantaneous remedies for nuclear radiation, but this would be a relatively slow process nationwide.

As soon as the government is replaced, banking facilities are secure, and medical supplies can safely be shipped into the country, this will be arranged and hospitals upgraded to Western standards.

We have made contact with the Centre for Aid to Victims of Chernobyl, which has a branch in each major city, so the infrastructure for help is already there. They just do not have the funds. They insist on strict confidentiality as the government is opposed to their activities and they fear for their lives at the moment. One of the team has already built an hotel on the Black Sea for the victims of Chernobyl with his own funds, but was helped by a 50% construction grant from government.

Many children are given vacations in foreign countries, including Canada, to get them out of this miserable environment for at least a while. This arrangement will be expanded.


The construction or renovation and equiping of health clinics and hospitals to cater for the prevalent chronic diseases affecting the Ukraine in general - leukemia and tuberculosis. Re-equipment of hospitals - surgeons are afraid to carry out operations because of the present insanitary conditions and lack of equipment. Advisors are two wellknown Professors of Medicine in a local hospital, long connected with my own family

The provision of self-propelled wheelchairs or scooters on a lifetime free loan would offer increased mobility for the aged and infirm, increasing their enjoyment of living and enabling them to take a greater part in social life.

This would allow seniors take a greater part in everyday life and encourage them to pass on their knowledge to the younger generation, rather than cutting them off from society.


In this country there is a high number of orphans and disadvantaged children, all of which are disregarded by the State, but the Church is active in this field, especially in Western Ukraine. This was caused initially by very high unemployment levels, which drove many to alcohol and drugs, abandoning their children in the process. On the other hand, the children of Chernobyl - and the effects carried far beyond Chernobyl itself - require ongoing medical attention, education and an improved social environment.

We have already participated in sending clothing to orphans there, through church organizations. This will be continued, but with more rigorous control on distribution.

If government problems are resolved, new buildings could be built, otherwise existing buildings will be renovated.


Substandard living conditions and almost non-existent social benefits have created a very low standard of living for the elderly, whose monthly pension (if received at all) is the equivalent of about $20 US. Apartment blocks or housing complexes would give them a secure and healthy environment to enjoy the rest of their lives.


  1. To cater for the physically disabled, apartment complexes to house those confined to a wheelchair. Accommodation would include the housing of medical staff, attendants, and children, with appropriate ancillary facilities included within the complex.
  2. Four-step program for the relief of those on drugs, with ongoing supervision.
    • Provision of clothing and personal items
    • Health checkup
    • Psychological training for re-entry into the workplace, self-worth, drug-free living
    • Re-housing and employment


A building of two or more stories on or close to the sea-front or business area will be purchased and used as headquarters for Ukrainian operations in general, providing accommodation for two or more of the Project Managers, as well as guest accommodation as and when required.


The following activities, described in detail elsewhere as "World Projects", will also be implemented in the Ukraine


The project involves developing environmentally-friendly sources of energy - such as engines using oxygen as fuel, extracting it from H2O and (in the case of marine use) returning the water to the sea through the air, where it would be replenished by picking up oxygen on its return journey, thereby effecting a completely renewable resource. It is known that our government has produced such engines for aircraft use (sucking oxygen out of the atmosphere), but our emphasis has been on the major users of fossil fuels on land and sea. Engines using water as fuel have already passed production stage and are used in some motor vehicles or small boats. Concentrating upon marine engines would offer a tremendous reduction in the use of diesel fuel and effect very attractive cost reductions for the transportation industry.

Our research shows that self-propelled barges are the most efficient means of transporting goods, therefore the elimination of the cost of diesel would make this even more attractive and hopefully the benefits would be passed on to the consumer. The proximity of water makes this the most obvious starting point. The carriage of passengers is most effective by rail or bus, depending upon the characteristics of the country, and both are currently leading contributors to air pollution and consequent ill-health. Here, water would have to be carried, as is fossil fuel today. Removing this source of pollution would be a major contribution to well-being. Plasma and photon energy are also very effective means of producing pollution-free energy - information still being gathered.


Through overburdening the soil with chemical fertilizers and herbicides, much of our arable land has been destroyed. As crops diminished year after year, the application of chemicals was increased, destroying the tilth of the soil and polluting aquifers with salt residues. Energization of the soil was used successfully in California in the '50s, but suppressed by the agri-chemical/banking cartel who saw danger to their profit-taking and control over farming. In view of the time that has since passed, it is proposed that farms be acquired and operated as model farms, where grain, vegetables and herbs would be grown, as well as orchards. It would take up to one year, or growing season, to confirm and demonstrate the benefits of this procedure. Thereafter lecturers would promote the system worldwide with the help of video-film. Instructors would be trained to help farmers in the setup of aerial systems. Edgar Cayce predicted long ago that the Prairies would have to feed the world (perhaps he foresaw our plan!), so we have concentrated upon restoring the soils initially in this area (Alberta - Saskatchewan - Manitoba).

The energization system consists of a ONE-TIME installation of antenna and underground circuits, similar to that used by an AM Radio Station, requiring no subsequent maintenance other than an application of rock-dust once every seven years. The operation would include initial natural detoxification of the soil. This system would:

  • increase crop yields by five- to ten-fold
  • eliminate the need for herbicides and inorganic fertilizers
  • increase the nutritional value of the crop
  • protect crops from weather extremes, such as freezing
  • enable 'old' trees in orchards to be rejuvenated rather than replaced by new stock
  • significantly benefit livestock and wildlife, as a roll-over effect
  • help prevent the spread of sand dunes which threaten to take over arable lands
There are various other natural methods available to supplement this system, if necessary, mainly involving the use of sound frequencies. This would also create manufacturing requirements which could be carried out in various countries worldwide.


The pollution of the oceans, coastal and inland waters can be reversed by relatively simple means - such as an extra electron added to H2O, as successfully demonstrated in Turkey in 2002, although elimination of the actual sources of pollution must be realised before complete reversal of a situation can be achieved. This process can be used effectively for one-time disasters such as oil-spills, including cleaning contaminants from sea birds and other ocean life, as well as for long term corrective treatment over large areas without any negative side-effects.

Laboratories would be set up both onshore, for continuous clean-up operations inland, and at sea (on self-propelled barges or small ships) in locations worldwide, and which could respond to emergencies such as oil spills in their area. These vessels would enable water to be taken in continuously and converted to structured water before being ejected from the stern of the ship. An additional benefit: this would help resuscitate the fishing industry and increase the world's food supplies; an important contribution at this critical time in world history with some possible upheavals due to Earth Changes.


Leisure time is important for the wellbeing of the human race and facilities should be made available to all.

Acquisition and operation of amusement parks for children, with free admission for children and their accompanying parents or guardians. Attractions would exclude those which could be injurious to the physical, mental or spiritual body; include those emphasizing educational aspects; with refreshments based on wholesome ingredients served at reasonable cost.

Acquisition and operation of zoo parks, upgrading the facilities for the comfort and wellbeing of animals, upgrading their feedstuffs, changing over to natural medications; intensifying the educational experience for children (as well as adults); improving the education and attitude of zoo staff; operating on a non-profit basis after the initial cost of upgrading the facilities.


This proposal calls for the establishment of laboratories to create essential, safe, natural remedies for hospital as well as general use, from well-tried formulae in our possession, but suppressed by the Pharmaceutical/ Banking Cartel. Allopathic doctors as well as alternative health practitioners (and the general public itself) would have ready access to these remedies, as they have no side-effects, and the demand should rise dramatically as the general populace realizes just how effective such remedies can be.

Products would include:

  • various formulae based on mitochondria will be found especially invaluable in hospitals and clinics, but will also be made available to the general public. its use should reduce the length of hospital stays, and aid in rapid recovery from surgery or any viral or bacterial disease.
  • a celebrated herbal healing ointment, originating in england about 100 years ago, but suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry until only two (independent) outlets remain world-wide.
  • other natural and herbal remedies as well as beverages which enhance the immune system and are unavailable in north america, and in some cases not available anywhere else in the world at the present time.
  • videotapes for the instruction of chiropractors and osteopaths in unique procedures not taught at college. at present we have two chiropractors in Canada and the U.S.A. who have inherited or established some quite amazing techniques which should be known more widely. this would require a professional studio for the creation and duplication of videotapes - and which might be expanded for other useful purposes.

In addition, construction or renovation and equipment of health clinics to cater for the prevalent chronic diseases affecting the Ukraine in general - tuberculosis and leukemia. Re-equipment of hospitals - surgeons are afraid to carry out operations because of the unsanitary conditions and lack of equipment. Advisors are two wellknown Professors of Medicine in a local hospital, long connected with my own family.



After extensive research into the coffee industry, a detailed Business Plan was created in 2001 to create a landmark coffeehouse, where people could meet, read media from across the world and at the same time be supplied with educational matter on health, healing, spiritual and other matters. The 9/11 event seriously affected the hospitality economy and the viability of this project, but with the coming public announcements on the real story and absence of terrorism, the economy should pick up quickly. A unique feature would be that refreshments would use energized water, using a system which originated in Austria, and a unique collection of health-promoting drinks would be offered, some enhancing the immune system.


The establishment of a Montessori type School, similar to the one which I originally operated in Odessa. Montessori teaching has been long available in Canada and suitable teachers are available to start a new school.

This school will cater to children with learning disabilities, in which I had previously specialised.

Montessori Schools exist now, but teachers do not have the specific training which would bring the school to the standard I foresee. Now with increased knowledge of the new Indigo, Crystal and Golden children, this school will bridge the gap between government education and the need of today’s child. Hopefully this will in due course be accepted within government controlled schools.

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