The Port of Odessa, summer of 1998
Luci Valentinovna

(Mila Macleod)


Psychologist, Teacher, Entrepreneur
At Home in Odessa

Graduated from university in the Ukraine * with First Class Honours in Pre-School Education (Pedagogica) and Psychology in June 1976 and was certified to teach psychology at university or college level, and also to manage the administration of kindergarten schools.

After university was appointed Inspector of 45 kindergarten Schools in the District of Odessa. Career interrupted by birth of her son in 1979.

Student days at Slavyansk University
So that my fellow-students can still recognize me!
After the death of her husband, the renowned architect Alex Krushinin, in 1991, worked in a private school as child psychologist, preparing pre-schoolers for school. Saw the economic advantages of working on her own as entrepreneur.

In 1995 opened the first Montessori-type children's centre in Odessa on her own initiative. This centre quickly gained a high reputation as all programs were directly under her control. Students came only from the families of successful businessmen. Although the standard fee charged was relatively high, demand for her services was greater than she could readily accept. Some students were admitted free of charge.

The centre was closed in 1998 in anticipation of her coming to Canada, but the issue of a visa was unexpectedly delayed until the following summer.

Married in August 1999 after coming to Canada and moved with her husband to Vancouver in November 2000. Canadian citizenship since February, 2003.

Took Continuing Education LINC 3 courses full-time in Edmonton, Alberta, from September 1999 to June 2000 to improve her oral English. Had previously taken English at university, practised written English on an almost daily basis for eighteen months between March 1998 and July 1999. Is exempt from the TOEFL examination in Canada on account of her degree in Psychology.
Now fluent in English.
Very active nature. Enjoys working with children, but also interacting with adults.
Dinner in Edmonton 1999

Roses for the Kindergarten principal
My Project: Map of Ukraine
Rebuilding the Ukraine
Map of Europe

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Box 76049, Coal Harbour RPO,
Vancouver  BC  V6E 4T2  Canada

* Four year course at the Slavyansk State Pedagogical Institute, 1972-1976